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Cafe Momo - Come discover a higher concept of Nepali Cuisine. Traditional food from all regions of Nepal with a beautiful refined America's presentation. Every delectable dish are making a piece of art with every plate.

Walk into cafe Momo and come taste and savor. Feel how traditional and modern concepts are blended both by taste and sight. Cafe Momo is a warm and welcoming, fun experience. From the spicy/sweet savory dishes to the cozy decor, Cafe Momo captures the best of Nepali with a modern America flare.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting Cafe Momo.

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Special Menu's

  • Paneer $ 15
  • Chicken $ 15
  • Choila $ 10
  • Momo $ 8/10
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Today's Special Menus

  • Paneer & Spanich momos $ 10
  • Goat Momos $ 12
  • Basil Chicken $ 15
  • Wild Boar Momos $ 12
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