Goat Momo $ 12.00

Wild boar Momo $ 12.00

Lamb Momo $ 10.00

Paneer & Spinach momo $ 10.00

Mixed momo (one of each) $ 10.00

Shrimp / Scallops momo $ 10.00

Chicken momo $ 8.00

Vegetable momo $ 8.00

Calamari $ 12.00
Atlantic calamari sautéed with vegetables and spices

Choila $ 10.00
Jerked chicken integrated with fresh cilantro, red onion and chilies

Flat Herbed Bread $ 3.00

Nepali Homemade Pickle $ 2.00

Steamed Basmati Rice $ 3.00


Beer $ 5.00
Harpoon IPA, Kingfisher, Singha, Heineken

Cucumber Cooler Cocktail $ 6.00
A tranquil combination of lime juice, cucumbers, and rice wine

Momo Mojito Cocktail a balance of fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and rice wine $ 6.00

Lassi $ 4.00
Cold homemade yogurt drink lightly spiced Add fruit Mango Lassi Strawberry Lassi Plain

Glass $ 8.00

Bottle $ 35.00

Glass $ 8.00

Bottle $ 35.00

Glass $ 7.00

Bottle $ 30.00

Sparkling Water $ 3.00

Spicy Black Tea $ 2.00


Cashew Coated Haddock $ 12.00
Cashew coated 1/4 lb of haddock fillet served with sautéed fresh vegetables

Chicken Chili $ 10.00
The chicken is sautéed in a mixture of mustard oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, dry spices, and onion and spicy green chilies until they are golden brown

Chicken Tarkari $ 10.00
Seasoned pieces of chicken breast in a tomato based sauce and mixed with fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables

Mushroom Curry $ 10.00
Portobello mushrooms cubed and bathed in a curry along with seasoned vegetables

Shrimp Tarkari $ 10.00
Seasoned pieces of shrimp in a tomato based sauce and mixed with fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables

Main Entrees

Basil chicken $ 15.00
Chicken breast pieces bathed in basil lime sauce and sautéed with different fresh vegetables and spices

Brown Guy Special $ 17.00
A combination of sea scallops and extra-large shrimp marinated in white wine and spices. Sautéed with fresh hand cut vegetables, topped with a white poppy seed sauce

Cashew Coated Haddock $ 17.00
Half a pound of haddock fillet bathed in fresh lime juice, white wine ginger garlic and cumin powder and seared on cast iron pan on olive oil. Served a top of asparagus, green beans and a lot of seasonal vegetables

Chicken stir-fry Noodles $ 10.00
Fresh noodles sautéed in olive oil and sesame oil with pieces of chicken and fresh vegetables with different spices served like you are in Nepal

Chicken Tarkari $ 15.00
Seasoned pieces of chicken breast in a tomato based sauce and mixed with fresh herbs and vegetables

Goat Curry Rice $ 17.00
Marinated goat meat prepared in its own juices and mix vegetables

Katmandu Chicken $ 16.00
Chicken breast drenched in almond and cashew flour cooked in a vegetable stock with seasonal vegetables. Topped with yogurt and cream

Lamb Mushroom curry $ 17.00
A curried combination of marinated lamb and Portobello mushrooms, mild and flavorful

Lamb Nepali way $ 21.00
Two to three pieces of lamb chops marinated in rosemary basil and thyme sauce and grilled on cast iron skillet on olive oil, red wine and ginger garlic, which is served with cilantro sautéed rice

Mustard Coated Pacific Tilapia $ 17.00
This nice white fish takes on a whole new personality when it is bathed in a coating of ground mustard, and seared in our authentic Nepalese cast iron cookware. Served a top sautéed mix vegetables

Salmon on Asparagus $ 17.00
Wild caught Salmon fillet marinated with fermented mustard sauce and white wine served a top of Asparagus and fresh seasonal vegetables cooked and served to the perfection. You will love it

Shrimp Stir Fry $ 16.00
Lightly seasoned combination of jumbo shrimp and vegetables

Chicken $ 15.00

Lamb $ 16.00

Vegetable stir-fry Noodles $ 10.00
Our fresh noodles steamed and sautéed in olive and sesame oil with fresh vegetables served like you are in Nepal

Wild Boar Chili $ 20.00
Wild Boar Stew Meat sautéed with different chilies and range of auromic spices served on top of rice

Wild Boar Ribs $ 22.00

Our Chili Dishes

Wild Boar Chili $ 20.00

Chicken Chili $ 15.00

Lamb Chili $ 16.00

Mushroom $ 15.00

Shrimp $ 16.00

Buff Chili $ 18.00

Paneer Chili $ 15.00


Bamboo $ 5.00
This soup is loaded with hand cut vegetables, textured soy and marinated bamboo shoots

Gundruk $ 5.00
Spicy cured mustard leaf soup prepared in 500 yrs. old Nepali homeopathic tradition to relax the muscle and relieve the cold

Lentil $ 5.00
Red and yellow lentils prepared with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and traditional seasonings

Vegetarian Delights

Beans Mushroom Curry $ 15.00
Several different types of slightly sprouted lentil beans and portabella mushroom cubed and cooked in tomato base curry sauce

Mushroom Curry $ 14.00
Portobello mushrooms cubed and bathed in a curry along with seasoned vegetables

Paneer Curry $ 15.00
A mild homemade cheese cut in cubes and combined with vegetables, including fresh basil, Japanese eggplant in a spicy vegetarian tomato sauce

Tarkari Bhat $ 13.00
Seasoned vegetables and a serving of basmati rice. This dish is a daily meal in Nepal

Kathmandu Thaili $ 15.00
A crepe made of black lentil flour with cilantro and scallions steamed into it and then it is filed with seasoned sautéed vegetables cooked to perfection! This filling entrée is topped with Avocado cilantro sauce.

Mutter (peas) Paneer $ 15.00

Plantain Curry $ 15.00

Tofu chilli $ 15.00

Tofu Curry $ 15.00


Rice Pudding Dessert $ 5.00
A simple pleasure

Sikarni Dessert $ 5.00
A creamy medley of yogurt, spices, and fruit